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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Windows 8 OS Features will change the Advanced Tech Gadgets World

Microsoft launching their most awaited operating system Windows 8 on 26th October 2012.  This is another big update for tech industry after launch of iPhone 5. We all hearing rumours on the launch date of Windows 8 from long time but now Microsoft finally launching their best operating system windows 8 on 26th October. After launch of windows 8 OS it will change the whole scenario of tech industry. Windows 8 OS will give major effect on other highend gadgets in the tech industry. All companies also need to update their products  according to windows 8 OS because all gadgets should been compatible to latest Windows 8 OS.
Microsoft Windows 8 Wallpaper
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Industry experts assuming that iPad, Tablets, laptops & desktop sale can be effected from Microsoft Windows 8 OS because these current gadgets are not compatible to ipad, tablets, laptops & desktop.

So product owners are making updated version of their products and they are in the process that their user savy popular tech gadgets can work. Microsoft windows 7 is already extremely popular in users and it breaks already all the records of sale. Microsoft expected this kind of response on its dream project Windows 8 OS also.

Windows 8 OS Features Impact on other popular gadgets

·         ipad & tablets  are the biggest challenge for Microsoft because after ipad & tablets sale of desktop & laptop is declined from last few years. Microsoft designed the windows 8 OS in such a fashion that it can compete with ipad & tablets.

·         Touch Screen in  Windows 8 Laptop : To enhanced the users experience users  will get touch screen in windows 8 laptop. So, no need to type from keyboard you can direct click on screen and operate directly. Touch screen in windows 8 gives users to freedom from mouse too. So need to operate laptop from keyboard & mouse in Windows 8 OS.

·         Windows 8 Ultrabook  : Ultrabook also upgrading with the launch of this latest operating system from Microsoft. It is expected that from Windows 8 speed & accuracy of ultrabook will increase.

·         Convertible Touch Screen Laptop :  All tech companies are making new & high-tech products for users like convertible laptop. You can convert the laptop into tablet anytime by folding the screen of laptop & it can serve the purpose like tablets. 180 degree rotation of screen on laptop helps to use the laptop in new & advanced way. People can play the games on touch screen laptops & watch the movies in their spare time.

·         HP Touch Screen Laptop: HP NV X2 launching their convertible touch screen laptop in the market as soon as possible.

·         Other tech companies : Samsung, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Acer creating these hybrid convertible laptops.

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·         Convertible Laptops : Lenovo 360 degree folding ideapad yoga & dell XPS 12 are few products in this convertible laptop category are the best examples in this segment.

·         Samsung 10 Finger Touch Screen feature – Samsung is already announced that they will launch two all in one feature along with single touch screen. In  21” model of Samsung desktop series 5 already having this 10 finger touch screen feature. Samsung also planning to launch the recognition feature in his series 7. It means you can give command to computer by only the movements of hand. In smart TV of Samsung already this feature but now in computers too users can feel this new feature.

·         Microsoft Surface Tablet : Microsoft also  launching SURFACE TABLET which will work on this latest technology of windows 8. New operating system of Microsoft can give serious competition to tablets markets. For Apple iPads also it can be very serious threat. Microsoft surface tablet price is 499$ launched in America already.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Pictures
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Minimum Requirements for Windows 8 installation in computer

  •     Processor speed – Minimum 1Ghz
  •   Memory – Minimum 1GB RAM
  •     Hard Disk Space- Minimum 20 GB hard disk required
  •    Pixel Screen Resolution – Minimum 1024x768 screen resolution to run windows apps store

Signal Free Route – Vikaspuri to Noida

Good news for all Delhi passengers who travel Noida from Vikaspuri (West Delhi).  Now acc. to proposed plan from PWD dept of Delhi govt in coming months. PWD is making two flyovers on Gurudwara Manjun Ka Teela & Chandagiram Akhada red lights which creates heavy traffic jam for daily passengers. Consultants already started on this project & doing all related study on this signal free route from Vikaspuri to Noida.
MAP of Vikaspuri New Delhi
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Project Start Date 

PWD Minister Raj Kumar Chauhan said that from December 2012 Delhi govt will start on this project.

Maximum benefits for which people

Now people who daily travel from Vikaspuri to Noida route faced traffic problem which results long travelling hours & loss resources too. People lives in west Delhi & north Delhi will take maximum advantage from this proposed signal free route from Vikaspuri to Noida route. 

Causes of problem in this route

Now red lights in this route are creating problem of long traffic jam. One red light on Majnu Ka Teela & other on Chandigram akhada. These are two popular & important places in Delhi so there is traffic jam is very common. After these two flyovers people can direct travel to Noida without any traffic jam route from Geeta colony flyover to Rajaram flyover.  Now 40 kms distance from vikaspuri to noida people can travel very easy & in less time.

Vikaspuri to Noida Project highlights

 Phase 1 -Vikaspuri to Meera Bagh – Distance between Vikaspuri to Meera Bagh on outer ring road is 4.30 kms. Govt is making 3.30 km long elevated road on this route. The estimated project cost is 512.56 crores.

Phase 2 –Mangolpuri to Madhuban Chowk –  2.60 kms is elevated road is proposed on 3.90 km route of Mangolpuri to Madhuban Chowk. 416.96 crore is estimated construction cost on this project.

Phase 3 Madhuban chowk to Vajirabad – Distance between Madhuban Chowk to Vajirabad is 4.30 km on outer ring road. 3.30 km long elevated road help to make signal free on this route. These elevated road will be made on coming red lights in this route. 512.56 crore is estimated project cost.

Phase 4 Mukraba Chowk to Signature bridge – In 4th phase of this project from vajirabad to signature bridge construction work already started.  Signature Bridge will complete in year 2014. 

Phase 5 Majnu ka teela flyover – Now govt is making flyovers on left two red lights Gurudwara Majnu ka Teela & Chandagiram ka Ckhada. After making flyover on these two red lights people can easy travel.

Phase 5 Chandgiram Akhada Flyover -   When these two flyovers finished people can direct travel to Noida via Geeta colony bridge to Rajaram Kohli Marg. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baba Ramdev or Arvind Kejriwal - Which is Best Alternative for Congress & BJP

The latest debate in today’s India concerns whether Arvind Kejriwal will beat or give a serious competition to Congress or BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

Arvind Kejriwal is a member of the India Against Corruption popularly known as IAC, and in the past associated with Shri Anna Hazare to support Janlokpal Bill. They started a movement against corruption & demand from UPA Govt to make Janlokpal Bill as soon as possible to stop the rising corruption. But after several serious attempts Congress party did not agree to issue Jan Lokpal bill from Team Anna

Anna Vs Team Anna
Anna Vs Team Anna

In the past Team Anna had split on the issue of making Political party in which Anna Hazare & Kiren Bedi did not agree to form another political party. Now days Arvind Kejriwal is protesting against congress government & exposing scams against Robert Vadhera. No Doubt, he is doing a good thing of exposing corrupted people sitting in Indian government.

 The Million $ Question: Is the Arvind Kejriwal Party in the Loksabha Elections of 2014  an effective alternative of BJP & Congress?

But In my opinion Baba Ramdev is a much better option than Arvind Kejriwal.

Why Baba Ramdev is ahead of Arvind Kejriwal? The reasons are written below.

Baba Ramdev is much better alternative than BJP or Congress because he doesn’t speak without any facts. What he said on the grounds on written facts about not shooting gun in air. He has a larger following in India than Kejriwal... Fighting against corruption much before Kejriwal; and moreover he is a true Indian who always thinks of increasing the GDP of INDIAN ECONOMY by using more & more Indian products. His audience reach is far strong than Arvind Kejriwal because of his yoga program that is daily telecasted on Television. 

He comes from a local villages of Haryana so he is directly involved with people. He is already running a YOGA Ashram named as Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust). So his experience to run a very large organization in India goes in the favor of Baba Ramdev.

Baba Ramdev
Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev’s products are made in India so all the currency flows in India. He has a large database to increase the wellness in India in many ways. He already suggested many ideas to grow India . but congress party is 10 steps ahead of him who always stops him in the shelter of LAW & ORDER.

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal is really a genuine guy who is fighting against corruption which is very good & we all are with him. But in my opinion few inherant qualities makes a man by a default businessman, service-man , Grade 1 officer, IPS or IAS or politician or ACTOR..... Kejriwal having the BABU type quality doesn't match for a politician..... 

What you think Who is Real Alternative of Congress and BJP  ??